Yankee Doodle Dandy's

Yankee Doodle Dandy's

New York City's favorite all-American themed food truck has planted its flag in the middle of Times Square, and with it comes a whole new look.

  1. Store Front

  2. Logo

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  4. Deli Paper

  5. Logo Evolution

  6. Signage No.1

  7. Secondary Marks

  8. Signage No.2

  9. Tagline

  10. Signage No.3

The new logo is designed to be more flexible, more legible and more impactful. The type has been modernized while still in tune with the quirky "block-print era" styling of the prior design. The colors have also been made brighter to feel refreshed and with a greater sense of energy. All linework was simplified and made thicker to be sure that the illustrated portion of the logomark is discernable from blocks away. 

Foundational elements remain in place like the oval, the circular type and the striped backdrop to ensure that customers familiar with the brand can still find it with ease out on the street.

When the previous logo was designed, its purpose was to grab attention on the side of a food truck in the middle of Manhattan. It was blatantly vintage and overly illustrative so that it would stand out among a crowd but also still feel interesting to those waiting online a few feet away. 

The problem is that once the company transitioned into a brick and mortar space, it felt a little weak in a broader market. It needed more simplicity and more punch, especially in the middle of New York City's Times Square.

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