The Hidden Sea

A brand refresh worthy of conversation. The Hidden Sea wine company was built on an incredible story of a 26 million year old whale fossil that lie beneath its winery, acting as a direct contributor to the creation of the wine itself. Through this rebrand, the company decided to give back to the nature that gave it life, by pledging to remove and recycle 10 plastic bottles from the world's oceans and rivers for every one bottle of wine sold. Not only is the wine delicious, but now it is actively cleaning up the water that gives us all life.

Original logo, 2012-2018

In the early years of The Hidden Sea, the brand utilized quite a mysterious tone. Based on the 26 million year old whale that lie beneath the winery itself, the company was grounded in ancient history and local mythology.

Refreshed logo, 2018-present

In 2018, the company realized it was spending way more time dedicating its efforts to cleaning the world’s oceans of plastics than building its own storied mythology, so a shift was necessary to speak more toward the goals of the brand.

The new look keeps its ancient attitude, however it has become much more bold, legible, fun and significantly less cryptic in all forms of presentation.

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